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LOPEC in Munich, Exhibition: 06. - 07.April 2016

We will exhibit at LOP'EC in Munich this year, You can find us at our booth 502, hall B0.
We are looking forward to your visit!

18th International Endoscopy Symposium Dusseldorf, February 11 - 13, 2016

We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth no. 052!



SELA's MC10 Smart Precise Cleaving System is designated to allow precise, reliable and fast sample cross-sections, completing a single sample (comprising both sides of the cleaved target) within a minute. Combined with single microns range accuracy and high cross-section quality. A dedicated software features and algorithm enables the accurate positioning control of the cleaving elements in semi-automatic process.

The MC10 system prepares cross-sectional samples for subsequent inspection by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or other applicable analysis.

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We are happy to announce that we have a new partner:  PDS - Poly Dispensing Systems. PDS manufactures manual, semiautomatic and automatic dispensing systems for all kinds of liquids and pastes. To be mentioned is certainly their unique volumetric dispenser, the PreciFluid™.
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Please find the New TEC Note from ULTRA TEC attached!

(Billerica, MA) – April, 2015 - Epoxy Technology Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty epoxy, UV & Hybrid adhesives for 49 years, is pleased to announce the successful completion of ISO 10993 testing on three additional products.  These latest positive results for EPO-TEK® 353ND-T, OG 198-54 and 301, which included an extended, long term implantation study of 12 weeks for 301 show their commitment and investment in the medical industry.

EPO-TEK® 353ND-T, a thixotropic variation of an established “industry standard” 353ND, is easily applied by multiple methods, has outstanding strength as well as high moisture and chemical resistance. It is well suited for all conventional sterilization methods: ETO, Sterrad®, X-ray and autoclaving.

EPO-TEK® OG198-54, a unique, one component, low viscosity, electrically & thermally insulating UV epoxy adhesive, was formulated to have added performance (shadow curing) with thermal post curing.

EPO-TEK® 301, a low viscosity, low temperature cured (65C/1 hour), optically clear, two component epoxy adhesive, previously passing the standard ISO10993 testing, has now successfully passed the more extensive testing of 12 weeks implantation.  

Several EPO-TEK® products are ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified and more will follow.

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Laser-based illumination module offers up to four times tilt alignment accuracy

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OKOS Solutions, LLC, today announced that it is opening OKOS EU Sales Office in Budapest, Hungary. In partnership with Femtonics Limited, OKOS EU showcases latest technology in Ultrasonic NDT Scanning Systems and Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (SAM). OKOS looks forward to working closely with customers in Europe.

Tűzoltó street 59. 3rd floor
Budapest, H-1094, Hungary
Contact person: Tamas Zalay
phone: +36 70 222 3022

              +1 571 477 7910

We are happy to inform you that another product has been ISO 10993 tested and approved: Epo-Tek 353ND-T.

Epo-Tek 353ND-T is a thixotropic version of Epo-Tek 353ND. It is often used when a high temperature resistance is required.

The ISO test included the following:

  • 10993-5
  • 10993-6
  • 10993-10
  • 10993-11

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A Key Feature of our ASAP-1 IPS System has been the ALWAYS LIVE MACHINE VISION screen which enables the user to make REALTIME processing decisions. This feature is becoming more and more crucial with the move to ever thinner silicon, and the complexities of modern mechanical decapsulation.

We are pleased to point out that we are going to be upgrading the MACHINE VISION camera on all machines we build. This has the effect of achieving a much better quality image for the user to align cavity/die size with.

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel, July 7, 2014

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd., a leading supplier of X-ray based metrology tools for advanced semiconductor manufacturing lines, today announced that it has recently delivered and successfully commissioned its JVX7300L in-line X-ray metrology tool at multiple customers. The systems have been purchased for in-fab process development and automated production monitoring of GaN on Si wafers.

Isaac Mazor, Jordan Valley's CEO, said: "We are pleased to have been selected by key customers to provide in-line metrology for their GaN on Si manufacturing. We believe Jordan Valley is well positioned to support this and other emerging applications, with our comprehensive portfolio of X-ray based technologies and tools. These selections represent the customers' confidence in Jordan Valley's ability to provide innovative and robust solutions for their demanding process development and control needs."

Dr. Paul Ryan, Corporate VP and JV-UK manager noted, "GaN on Si technology presents new metrology challenges and requirements that only High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD) can adequately address. We have been supporting the manufacturing needs of both the compound and silicon semiconductor industries for many years. Bringing together these technologies Jordan Valley can provide solutions for the characterization of these advanced material systems, while meeting the customers' stringent process and automation requirements in a short period of development time. The JVX7300L provides the highest-level of automation, flexibility and robustness for such emerging applications. In choosing the JVX7300L platform, the customers' acknowledged the significant contribution of the product in shortening their process development cycle, together with the ability to use the same tool for production monitoring to help drive yield enhancement."

The JVX7300L is a production worthy X-ray metrology system for GaN on Si and other More-than-Moore applications and can be used for both in-fab process development and production monitoring. The tool supports a wide range of X-ray metrology modes, scanning HRXRD, XRR and (GI)XRD, to provide solutions for a wide range of materials and structures. HRXRD is capable of measuring the composition, thickness strain/relaxation of single and multiple epilayer stacks. Additionally, with XRR and (GI)XRD channels, the tool can also provide information on the thickness and density of a wide range of thin-films as well as providing unique microstructure information (crystallinity, grain-size and phase) of polycrystalline thin-films. Unlike optical or spectroscopic tools, HRXRD and XRR are first principle techniques that deliver accurate and precise results without calibration.