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We are pleased to show you a brandnew video of the Automated Mechanical Decapsulation on ASAP-1 IPS System from ULTRA TEC.
Have a look how easy the table top tool works!
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Semicon Europe in Grenoble, 25-27 Octorber 2016

The fair was well attended and we thank our customers for informative and interesting conversations at the booth. 



Bondexpo in Stuttgart, 10-13 Octorber 2016

The fair was well attended and we thank our customers for informative and interesting conversations at the booth. 

We look forward to the next Bondexpo in October 2017!

ULTRA TEC offers solutions for development, analytical and research environments, right up to full production operations.

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LOPEC in Munich, 6-7 March 2016

The fair was well attended and we thank our customers for informative and interesting conversations at the booth. Also we would like to thank Greg Gibson from our partner company ntact for the good cooperation and the successful exhibition.

 We look forward to the next LOPEC in March 2017!


  • Highly modular - selectable, inter-changeable scanners.
  • Minimum Z resolution 0.01 nm.
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  • Variable accelerating voltage, 5-30 kV, Magnification up to 100k.
  • Resolution up to 5 nm.
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We can offer you very attractive prices for this products.

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SELA's MC10 Smart Precise Cleaving System is designated to allow precise, reliable and fast sample cross-sections, completing a single sample (comprising both sides of the cleaved target) within a minute. Combined with single microns range accuracy and high cross-section quality. A dedicated software features and algorithm enables the accurate positioning control of the cleaving elements in semi-automatic process.

The MC10 system prepares cross-sectional samples for subsequent inspection by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or other applicable analysis.

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We are happy to announce that we have a new partner:  PDS - Poly Dispensing Systems. PDS manufactures manual, semiautomatic and automatic dispensing systems for all kinds of liquids and pastes. To be mentioned is certainly their unique volumetric dispenser, the PreciFluid™.
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Please find the New TEC Note from ULTRA TEC attached!

(Billerica, MA) – April, 2015 - Epoxy Technology Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty epoxy, UV & Hybrid adhesives for 49 years, is pleased to announce the successful completion of ISO 10993 testing on three additional products.  These latest positive results for EPO-TEK® 353ND-T, OG 198-54 and 301, which included an extended, long term implantation study of 12 weeks for 301 show their commitment and investment in the medical industry.

EPO-TEK® 353ND-T, a thixotropic variation of an established “industry standard” 353ND, is easily applied by multiple methods, has outstanding strength as well as high moisture and chemical resistance. It is well suited for all conventional sterilization methods: ETO, Sterrad®, X-ray and autoclaving.

EPO-TEK® OG198-54, a unique, one component, low viscosity, electrically & thermally insulating UV epoxy adhesive, was formulated to have added performance (shadow curing) with thermal post curing.

EPO-TEK® 301, a low viscosity, low temperature cured (65C/1 hour), optically clear, two component epoxy adhesive, previously passing the standard ISO10993 testing, has now successfully passed the more extensive testing of 12 weeks implantation.  

Several EPO-TEK® products are ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified and more will follow.

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