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SpiderX is the new GNR portable residual stress analyzer. It has been designed focusing on exceptional portability lightness, easiness to set up, outstanding performances and negligible X-Ray emissions. 

The result is a compact and smart instrument, based on a low power X-Ray Tube and on a fast and highly efficient detector, the combination of which ensures accurate and fast measurements. 

The head of the goniometer rotates along a curved sector of 90 degrees, for the determination of the stress status in polycristalline materials. The 2Theta angle can be changed from 135° to 165° in order to analyze Fe (ferrite, austenite), Al, Ni, Cu, Ti and Mg Alloys.

Compact Case and Portability

Portability is assured by a compact case. 

Supplied together with the instrument, provides a safe housing of the goniometer, electronical part and all the accessories required. It is exactly like a trolley!

Outdoor Analysis
  • Non Destructive on-site measurement of big sample 
  • Easily access to the measurement point thanks to the versatility of the goniometer head 
  • Battery allows on-site measurement without the main power supply 
  • Single case contains goniometer and power supply with a total weight of approx. 19 kg. 
Indoor Analysis
  • SpiderX can be used also for indoor analysis into a laboratory 
  • Anthropomorphic arm allows changing easily the measuring point

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