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NT Series Planar Electrode Batch Plasma Systems

NT Series vacuum chambers for plasma etching and cleaning for various industries worldwide

Unique Specifications

  • Ability to perform in direct, R.I.E. and downstream plasma modes without tooling change overs
  • Stainless steel chamber for high process cleanliness and system integrity
  • State of the art process controller geared for process development
  • Proprietary add ons & options
  • Available in stand alone or table top


  • Stainless steel design provides chamber cleanliness only surpassed by quartz chambers
  • All inert contruction eliminates possibility of contamination from the tool itself (no plastics or teflon)
  • Each tool can be configured to operate in one or more of the standard plasma modes without modification (downstream, direct, or RIE mode)
  • Achieves unsurpassed uniformity in both shelf to shelf device to device calculations
  • Uniformity of our reactors allows us to maximize the number of working shelves in each tool
  • High end no value reduced controller and high quality transducers monitor every important parameter for the process, providing a full diagnostic feedback
  • Compatible with carriers for wafers, leadframes and substrates, connectors, etc.
  • Available in 3 sizes to meet your throughput and power density needs


  • 300mm wafer etching for reclaim
  • BGA, Lead frames, C.O.B., Hybrids
  • Plasma cleaning in all sectors of semiconductor packaging
  • Enhancement of die attach, wire bonding and molding
  • Optics
  • PCB
  • Flat panel etching and cleaning
  • Solar Cell applications
  • Wafer processing
  • Wafer probe manufacture

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