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Versatile Precision Saw for small workspaces & small budgets

For the user who wants all the functionality and unique control of cutting parameters offered by a high end saw, while working on a tight budget or with limited lab space, ULTRASLICE Compact  provides the answer.

The system features an integral coolant recirculation system which extends blade life and clears cutting debris to improve cutting rate and surface quality.

Work is fed into the blade by several different methods, by use of table attachments.

A wide range of workholders can be held by the saw. This method allows the workpiece to be mounted rapidly and conveniently without the need for mounting waxes or cements.

A fully splashguard enclosure is provided which may be opened to allow front panel access or be completely swung away from the cutting area.

For Industrial and research operations, ULTRASLICE Compact saw offers an unparalleled combination of cut quality, accuracy, versatility, and affordability.

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