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Blue Mill

Device Pre-Cavitation & Gasket Milling Machine

Every lab can now produce accurate, reproducible pre-cavitated devices -- ready for final decapsulation with RAPIDETCH, other chemical decapsulators, or PLASER plasma decapsulation system

Flip-chip and power chip mechanical pre-decapsulation is now straightforward and accurate.

BLUE MILL brings cost-effective, bench-top decapsulation and elastomer gasket milling to the electronics community. 

The package die, is mounted on a specially designed traveling table that oscillates in the X and Y directions. It is mechanically set to the required amplitude.

Product Highlights

  • Pre-cavitates Topside and/or Backside
  • Extremely Compact Footprint
  • For the budget conscious user who needs industry-proven results
  • Machines standard fluoroelastomer gaskets for chemical decap machines
  • Decapsulation results may be an end in themselves or ready for final decapsulation with RAPIDETCH (acid) or PLASER / FA-2000-P (plasma).

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