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HL9900 Hall Effect Measurement

Toho HL9900

Hall Effect Measurement

HL9900 is a turnkey, high performance hall effect system for the measurement of resistivity, carrier concentration, and mobility in semiconductors. Modular in concept, allowing easy upgrade paths, the system is suitable for a wide variety of materials, including silicon and compound semiconductors. HL9900 has both low and high resistivity measurement capabilities. With an intuitive user interface, no programming experience is required to set up or use the HL9900.


Using Hall Effect measurement, the following properties can be determined:

  • Resistivity/Conductivity
  • Mobility
  • Bulk/Sheet carrier concentration
  • Doping type
  • Hall coefficient
  • Magnetoresistance
  • Vertical/Horizontal ratio of resistance


  • Van der Pauw, Hall Bar and Bridge measurements to ASTM F-76 standard
  • Simple probe system for convenient, fast sample throughput
  • Compact bench top design
  • Wide current range including auto-current facility in order to minimize sample heating
  • User defined electric field limitation to avoid impact ionization effects at low temperatures
  • Optional high impedance buffer amplifier/current source to extend sheet resistivity measurements to 1011 Ω/square

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