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FP Series - Large Area Contact Profilometry

FP Series

Large Area Contact Profilometry

This is custom Toho custom profilers offer comprehensive measurement capabilities for mass production and research facilities that demand accuracy, performance, and value.
Incorporating KLA-Tencor’s proprietary low-force measurement head, Toho Profilers provide low stylus force and achieve highly accurate micron to nanometer range measurements to analyze surface flatness, surface roughness, waviness, peak to valley, curvature, texture, stress, and feature dimensions on any square FPD substrate larger than 300mm.


Toho Profilers are designed to provide accurate profile measurements within applications geared toward FPD large surface area substrates.

  • Thin film heights
  • Thick film heights
  • Photo resist / soft films
  • Characterization of surface roughness or waviness
  • Surface Curvature and form
  • 2D stress on thin films
  • Peak to Valley Dimension analysis
  • 3D imaging
  • Flatness
  • Defect Analysis

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