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A dedicated, automated, timesaving, and user-friendly system that enables a total solution for TEM/STEM and SEM sample preparation for both cross-section and plan view in a wide range of applications. Featuring a cryo-cooled dry saw process, the EM3 system prepares specimens of either crystalline or amorphous materials. The output sample is mounted onto a compatible stub that allows rework.


  • Flexible cryo-cooled dry saw process
  • Supports crystalline and amorphous materials
  • Plan view and side view preparation
  • 300mm stage allowing full wafer inspection and marking (target designation)
  • Whole-wafer navigation capability
  • High magnification optical microscope
  • Active vibration isolated table


  • Applicable for site-specific and general area features
  • Interfaces with broad ion milling
  • Increases overall throughput
  • Improves yield analysis
  • Improves characterization
  • Improves and enhances SEM & FIB utilization
  • Low cost of ownership (COO)
  • Enables multiple reworks of TEM specimen

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