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SELA Ltd. launches semi-automatic cleaving system MC10

SELA's MC10 Smart Precise Cleaving System is designated to allow precise, reliable and fast sample cross-sections, completing a single sample (comprising both sides of the cleaved target) within a minute. Combined with single microns range accuracy and high cross-section quality. A dedicated software features and algorithm enables the accurate positioning control of the cleaving elements in semi-automatic process.

The MC10 system prepares cross-sectional samples for subsequent inspection by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or other applicable analysis.


PDS - Poly Dispensing Systems SAS

Poly Dispensing Systems SAS located in France fabricates a wide range of proven and innovative dosing units and accessories in 20 countries worldwide.The primary objective of PDS are customized and process-optimized solutions, while the customers are supported by experienced collegues and engineers in process analysis and implementation.
Materials of different viscosities can be dosed.

BL2500 Series

The Baublys BL2500 is a movable table top laser tool for laser decapsulation and ablation. Also here our engineers have implemented a lot of useful features. Base is the compact size of the machine and the solid mechanical construction. The Z-axis with a lift capacity of 300mm is fully CNC controlled. Also the camera is mounted on this axis.


BL5500 Series

Baublys have long standing experience in producing laser decapsulation machines. In the new designed stand-alone laser decaping machine Baublys BL5500 our engineers have implemented the experience of decades of years of their know-how. The base of the machine is the solid mechanical construction. All axis are fully CNC controlled.


Certification médicale ISO 10993 pour les colles EPO-TEK®OG198-54, 353ND-T et 301

Cham,  Avril 2015 -   Epoxy Technology Inc., fabricant depuis 49 ans de colles époxies, UV et hybrides, annonce de nouvelles certifications ISO 10993 pour trois de ses produits. De ce fait, EPO-TEK  confirme son engagement dans l’industrie médicale. Les produits testés sont EPO-TEK® 353ND-T, OG198-54 et 301. Cette dernière a aussi été soumise à un test de 12 semaines d'implantabilité.