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Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a process used in the semiconductor and biotechnology industries for the deposition of a thin film of various materials in order to achieve surface modification. CVD enables nano-precise surface tension control of your process.

Complete dehydration followed by CVD coating provides a superior silane/substrate bond that is stable after exposure to atmospheric moisture, extending the time available between process steps. Chemical usage for a vapor deposition process is typically less than 1% of the amount needed for wet application processes, significantly reducing waste and chemical costs.


  •  Surface modification to prevent or promote adhesion
  •   Photoresist adhesion for semiconductor wafers
  •   Silane/substrate adhesion for microarrays (DNA, gene, protein, antibody, tissue)
  •   MEMS/NEMS coating to reduce stiction (static friction)
  •   BioMEMS and biosensor coating to reduce "drift" in device performance
  •   Promote biocompatibility between natural and synthetic materials
  •   Copper capping
  •   Anti-corrosive coating



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