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Elite Etch Model 7000

Dual acid decapsulation system

The Elite Etch from RKD Engineering is an Automated Mixed Acid Decapsulator that enables high productivity through the integration of advanced features. This Decapsulator rapidly and easily opens even the most delicate packages by delivering precise, micro-aliquots of nitric, sulfuric, or mixes of these acids to the package with no sample damage. The delivery of  is done with enough pressure to create extreme turbulence in the etched cavity greatly accelerating the rate of encapsulant removal.


RKD Engineering Corp.

RKD Engineering has its roots in 1996, when Kirk Martin working with Richard Cabral, both with Medusa Associates, and Dan Kaschalk of KAS Machine Products, developed the first positive displacement diaphragm pump that could reliably dispense fuming nitric acid. These first generation pumps were manufactured for use in the B&G Enterprises Model 300 nitric acid decapsulator.  Few of these first generation pumps were built but several survived over 7 years of hard service dispensing one of the most corrosive acids known.


Extension of the Distribution Territory for products from VLSI Standards, Inc.

VLSI Standards, Inc. was founded in 1984 in Mountain View, California for the purpose of developing measurement standards and associated services for the semiconductor and related industries. VLSI Standards' first products were a traceable Step Height Standard, and a line of Contamination Standards. Today, VLSI Standards provides dozens of standards, products, and services to address every aspect of instrument calibration in the semiconductor and other industries requiring accurate metrology.



The Vue 250-P is the most compact model scanner from OKOS designed with advanced instrumentation and software to meet Failure Analysis lab requirements. The Vue 250-P offers many features and benefits such as high clarity & contrast images, unlimited web-based support, and unlimited remote training. Customizable options include: Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system (32 or 64 bit), a variety of ultrasonic immersion transducers, through transmission capability, specialized remote pulsers, and a second digital pulser-receiver channel.



FeinFocus X-ray system for 2D and 3D microfocus inspection

The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cougar distinguishes itself through its compact design and therefore requires only little space. It is ideally suited for the inspection of smaller parts (17” x 21”).



Experience the brilliance!

The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cheetah has been developed to meet a variety of inspection requirements. The performance and efficiency delivered by this system remains unparalleled in manual and automatic X-ray inspection.