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The QC-TT is the latest defect metrology system. It helps identify problems encountered during wafer production using the latest X-ray diffraction imaging (XRDI) technology. Applications include monitoring buried defects to prevent costly wafer breakage during ultra fast anneal. It can qualify and monitor process tools at any technology node, including 90nm and below, which reduces cycle times and facilitates fab expansion.




The QC-RT is the latest defect metrology system. It uses reflection topography to image the surface and first 10-30µm subsurface region for crystalline defects.



The QC-Velox high throughput coupled with excellent repeatability enables fast feedback of the layer quality and structure. This can only be achieved with

  • High throughput measurements
  • Fast, accurate analysis
  • Fast, convenient and user-friendly feedback.

The QC-Velox utilised the latest generation of HRXRD technology to enable the highest throughput on the market for HRXRD, coupled with repeatable data.



The QC3 is the latest model in the long-established and well-proven QC range of High Resolution X-ray diffractometers, with over a 20-year pedigree, and hundreds in use around the world in compound semiconductor and silicon-germanium research and manufacturing facilities. It is a high resolution X-ray diffraction tool that is ideal for semiconductor development and quality control. It is used for the measurement of composition and thickness in epitaxial layers of almost any material.


Delta-X High Resolution X-Ray inspection system

Jordan Valley's Delta-X is the latest generation of flexible X-ray diffraction instruments for thin-film materials research, process development, and quality control. Featuring fully automated source optics, the system can switch between standard XRD, High-Resolution, and X-ray reflectivity modes without user intervention. Measurements can be run in partial or fully automated modes, with user-customizable scripts handling the routine work.


nRad R&D Slot Die Coating System

nTact’s proprietary slot die coating technology delivered in a small footprint, affordable platform geared to the R&D and pre-production market. The standard package is designed for the processing of 150 and/or 200mm square substrate sizes with a variety of optional features available for other applications.


VertaCure Series

The YES-VertaCure automated, high temperature cure series of ovens is designed for today’s most demanding MEMS and semiconductor process applications. Whether it’s for proper curing of multiple layers of polyimide in an RDL (Bond Pad Re-routing) application or annealing copper in an advanced semiconductor device, the YES-VertaCure helps achieve total environmental control to increase yields and extend device performance.