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ISO 10993 certification for EPO -TEK ® - Adhesives 377, OD2002, and OG116-31

The manufacturer Epoxy Technology Inc. and John P. Kummer  Group are pleased to announce  the successful completion of ISO 10993 certification of further 3 high-performance adhesives from their product range of biocompatible adhesives, which additionally already hold the USP Class VI classification.

EPO -TEK 377 ® ​​is an optical two - component epoxy resin and as a result of its´ low viscosity and heat resistance, an optimum potting material, that is especially well suitable for optical and medical applications.

A thermosetting system was developed with EPO-TEK ® OD2002. This adhesive is a further advancement of the 353ND-4 and 364. It´s main features are:  high Tg (glass transition temperature) of 140 °C, an outstanding strength and excellent moisture/ chemical resistance. The OD2002 is suitable for all conventional sterilization methods such as: ETO, Sterrad, x -ray and autoclaving.

For applications, in which a very quick fixing for manufacturing is required, EPO-TEK OG116 -31 ® is to be recommended. It is an UV-curing 1-component epoxy adhesive that can be thermally post-cured and due to its´ high Tg and low outgassing is particularly suitable at high temperatures.