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Epoxy Technology, Inc.® and John P. Kummer Group announce a New Specialty Adhesive Packaging Company- Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd

Since 2010 John P Kummer Ltd has been producing premixed frozen (PMF) syringes of the highest quality to support its distribution business for high performance speciality adhesives manufactured by Epoxy Technology, Inc. The PMF packaging facility is certified to ISO9001:2008 and has been supplying the same packaged materials to customers across Europe since early 2011 through Epoxy Technology’s excellent network of distributors. 
The packaging facility has been spun out into a new company called Epoxy Technology Europe Limited which is a joint venture, that incorporates member companies of John P Kummer Group and which is majority owned by Epoxy Technology, Inc. This investment is part of a long term plan to address the ever increasing demands for premixed and frozen materials from Epoxy Technology’s European customers.
The new company, located in Marlborough (UK), will retain the same capabilities, manufacturing processes, management, quality system and production team. The existing ISO9001 certification will be reissued under the new company name and will be available within a few weeks of the name change. A closer relationship with Epoxy Technology will allow continued investment in advanced packaging technologies, test and measurement capabilities.
Apart from the change of company name you will not see any change in the PMF products you now receive from John P Kummer Limited. If you have any concerns regarding quality or supply chain issues please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.
Of course, we remain your contact for EPO-TEK® adhesives.
For more information please contact the undersigned.
With best regards
John P. Kummer Group