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High Temperature Cure Ovens

YES-450PB Series
YES 6-2P-CP (150 mm wafers)
YES 8-2P-CP (200 mm wafers)
YES 12-2P-CP (300 mm wafers)

YES ovens are designed to provide a controlled ramp curing process for temperatures up to 450ºC in an oxygen-free environment. In addition, YES ovens provide a cleaner process in a controlled environment, so you get higher yields. YES ovens offer a unique cooling package to reduce your process time and utilize laminar flow technology, so your wafers stay clean.



nDeavor – Production Systems

These high-performance coaters are used in large volume production of LCD products, PV, OLED, Flexible Display and various Organic and Printed Electronics applications. This system offers a robust, production-ready platform that generates high yields (>95%) with minimal operating and maintenance costs. It is available for processing Gen2 through Gen8 substrate sizes and beyond. It is also available for Spinless Coating of up to 450mm Silicon wafers.



The VUE400-P is for Semiconductor Device Integrity Assessment and Failure Analysis and incorporates the latest in transducer and signal processing. The OKOS Digital Imaging Software (ODIS) is a full featured imaging software with data acquisition, motion control, pulser receiver and imaging sub-systems. Its unique stream-to-disk functionality allows bypassing computer memory limitations.



The first TEM sample preparation system using the disruptive new AIM technology, delivering significantly reduced turnaround times and enhanced productivity. AIM , SELA's unique Adaptive Ion Milling technology, is superior to the traditional Focused Ion Beam technology (FIB). AIM (TM) can reduce sample widths to below 50 nanometers over a large area with high precision, artifact free (wedge-like) quality, and higher throughput.



A dedicated, automated, timesaving, and user-friendly system that enables a total solution for TEM/STEM and SEM sample preparation for both cross-section and plan view in a wide range of applications. Featuring a cryo-cooled dry saw process, the EM3 system prepares specimens of either crystalline or amorphous materials. The output sample is mounted onto a compatible stub that allows rework.




The MC600i is an enhanced version of the award-winning MC600 Microcleaving System. In addition to all the features of the MC600, the MC600i offers increased accuracy, enables cleaving of smaller wafer segments and dies, and allows cleaving as close as 0.5mm to a sample edge.


Toho Technology

Following a long business relationship Toho and KLA-Tencor have officially concluded the next transfer of technology, which has resulted in a long awaited upgrade to KLA-Tencor’s industry standard stress measurement system, the FLX-2320.


FLX2320-S Stress Measurement System

Toho Technology has released a new and improved version, the FLX-2320-S, featuring a new Windows XP operating platform that drives the most reliable bench top stress measurement tool in the industry. The JPK group has been involved in the sales and support of this system since its invention and can provide extensive applications support and training in film stress measurement techniques and the interpretation of thermal behaviour of films.


Manual and automated gauges for control of wafer thickness and geometry

Our capacitive based system can be used in many different applications. Generally, the systems measure distance, displacements and thickness of various materials.
Because of the use of a relatively low carrier frequency, in the case of silicon, there is no influence of the material's resistivity. The systems can be used in the entire range between 0,001 ohm-cm and 1.000 ohm-cm without calibration.

The semiconductor industry is now our biggest customer. Our different gauges can measure the Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp and Stress.