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Probe Refresher TPR-03

  • suitable for cantilever probecards: probe pitch from 50 µm, tip diameter from 10 microns, probe materials: W, WRe, CuBe, Paliney
  • cleaning/reshaping for vertical probe cards optional
  • reshaping method based on specifically formulated abrasive elastomer pad
  • highly polished probe surfaces after reshaping (surface roughness < 0.3 microns)
  • very good contact resistance after reshaping
  • maintains probecard alignment integrity, no realignment due to reshaping process necessary
  • fully automatic, no specific operator skills required
  • short p


T.I.P.S. mission statement which emphasize on technical innovation, applied physics and electronics gives our customer confidence beeing state of art in measurement technology.

T.I.P.S. is your “one-stop-shop” for semiconductor measurement devices and microchip test interfaces. Based on revolutionary technologies and technical expertise and short manufacturing and maintenance lead time, T.I.P.S. provides full ownership of high yielding microchip test hardware.



Probe Card Interface (PCI)

Acting as the interface between the probe card tester and the probe card, the Probe Card Interface (motherboard) is critical in simulating the tester interface on the test floor. Rudolph Technologies' engineers carefully consider probe card, tester, prober, probing process and probe card analyzer configuration details to produce an interface design that will provide precise and consistent measurement results.


PrecisionWoRx™ VX4 Wafer Probe Card Test and Analysis System

The Precision WoRx VX4 System is designed to provide accurate and repeatable performance to meet today’s probe test challenges. With over 500 PrecisionPoint (VX4 predecessor) systems installed around the world, users confidently test tighter pitches and smaller probe tips. It can be easily configured to your specific requirements for a variety of probe card technologies.


YXLON International GmbH

Worldwide, YXLON International is the leading provider of X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications. Whether operated manually, semi-automatically or on a fully automatic scale, we have the right solution to match nearly every application. For us, the highest priority is placed on quality: the quality of our inspection systems and, as a result, the quality of your products.


VLSI Standards, Inc.

VLSI Standards, Inc. was founded in 1984 in Mountain View, California for the purpose of developing measurement standards and associated services for the semiconductor and metrology related industries. VLSI Standards' first products were a NIST traceable Step Height Standard, and a line of Contamination Standards. Today, in our class I fabrication facility, along with offices in the US and Japan, VLSI Standards provides dozens of standards, products, and services to address every aspect of instrument calibration in the semiconductor and other industries requiring precise metrology.


SELA Solutions EnabLing nano Analysis Ltd.

SELA develops and adapts technologies to provide roadmap solutions for physical failure analysis and characterization.

SELA offers a modular suite of tools for cost-effective material and root-cause failure analysis as from 1991.

SELA’s products incorporate unique technologies and IPs that solve bottlenecks in the failure analysis and sample preparation for wide variety of requirements.