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OKOS announces opening of OKOS EU

OKOS Solutions, LLC, today announced that it is opening OKOS EU Sales Office in Budapest, Hungary. In partnership with Femtonics Limited, OKOS EU showcases latest technology in Ultrasonic NDT Scanning Systems and Scanning Acoustic Microscopes (SAM). OKOS looks forward to working closely with customers in Europe.

Tűzoltó street 59. 3rd floor
Budapest, H-1094, Hungary
Contact person: Tamas Zalay
phone: +36 70 222 3022

              +1 571 477 7910


Electrical Products

Resistivity Standards

  • 76.2 mm, 200 mm, or 300 mm silicon wafers      
  • Used with 4-Point Probes, Eddy Current Gauges

ITO Sheet Resistance Standards

  • 125mm x 125mm x 0.7mm
  • 90% In2O3:10% SnO2 plates

Film Thickness Products

Silicon Dioxide Standards

  • Uniform layer of silicon dioxide on silicon wafers
  • Used with Ellipsometers, Reflectometers, Film Monitors

Silicon Nitride Standards

  • Layer of Silicon Nitride (LPCVD) on silicon wafers
  • Used with Ellipsometers, Reflectometers, Film Monitors

Dimensional Products

NanoCD Standards

  • 25, 45, 70 and 110 nm Line Width
  • Used with SEMs and CD-AFMs

Nanolattice Standard (NLS)

The NanoLattice Module Standard (NLSM) is a CD SEM calibration standard which enables accurate sub 0.13 μm lithography. The NanoLattice has the 0.1 μm pitch required for sub 0.13 μm SEM magnification calibration and characterization of non-linearity across the field of view.


Contamination Standards

Absolute Contamination Standards

  • Substrate Deposited Polystyrene Latex Spheres
  • For use with Scanning Surface Inspection Systems (SSIS)

Edge Contamination Standards

  • Edges of Substrate Deposited Polystyrene Latex Spheres
  • For use with Edge Contamination Detection Systems

Reticle Contamination Standards

  • Spheres deposited on photomasks / test plates
  • For use with reticle and pellicle inspection systems

Silica Contamination Standards

  • Substrate Deposited highly spherical Silica Spheres

Improved Standard Video Resolution & Additional Magnification Option Now Available for ASAP-1 IPS Live Machine-Vision Output


A Key Feature of our ASAP-1 IPS System has been the ALWAYS LIVE MACHINE VISION screen which enables the user to make REALTIME processing decisions. This feature is becoming more and more crucial with the move to ever thinner silicon, and the complexities of modern mechanical decapsulation.


Multiple Customers Select JVS for Inline GaN/Si Process Control

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel, July 7, 2014

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd., a leading supplier of X-ray based metrology tools for advanced semiconductor manufacturing lines, today announced that it has recently delivered and successfully commissioned its JVX7300L in-line X-ray metrology tool at multiple customers. The systems have been purchased for in-fab process development and automated production monitoring of GaN on Si wafers.