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Entry-level Slicing Machine

ULTRATRIM is a low cost, entry-level, precision sawing machine for producing rapid cross-sections for microscopy and QC checks.

The saw includes a straightforward coolant reservoir, the saw blade dips into the reservoir for effective cooling and lubrication of the sawing process. An intelligently designed manually fed cutting table, makes slicing fast and easy. The saw has a fully variable spindle speed and a small footprint.


Blue Mill

Device Pre-Cavitation & Gasket Milling Machine

Every lab can now produce accurate, reproducible pre-cavitated devices -- ready for final decapsulation with RAPIDETCH, other chemical decapsulators, or PLASER plasma decapsulation system

Flip-chip and power chip mechanical pre-decapsulation is now straightforward and accurate.

BLUE MILL brings cost-effective, bench-top decapsulation and elastomer gasket milling to the electronics community. 


ICis Microscope

Materials Inspection System

ICis is a modular microscope offering up to 3 standard modes, often required by professionals in the electronics and related industries. The system is designed to be a primary tool for the engineer or technician working at a nearby polishing station. ICis allows for fast substrate thickness measurements of backside thinned and polished samples; it is also invaluable for fast imaging and archiving of die samples being parallel polished / de-processed. 



Versatile Precision Saw for small workspaces & small budgets

For the user who wants all the functionality and unique control of cutting parameters offered by a high end saw, while working on a tight budget or with limited lab space, ULTRASLICE Compact  provides the answer.

The system features an integral coolant recirculation system which extends blade life and clears cutting debris to improve cutting rate and surface quality.

Work is fed into the blade by several different methods, by use of table attachments.



Versatile Precision Saw with Z-spindle

Developed to facilitate precision sectioning applications in Industry and Research, ULTRASLICE Precision Saw provides the user with a unique combination of features:


The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes, and applications.




Every lab can now produce accurate, reproducible pre-cavitated, thinned and perfectly polished dice for backside analysis. Flip-chip and power chip mechanical decapsulation is now straightforward and accurate. ASAP-1®  DECAP brings cost-effective, bench-top advanced decapsulation and selected area polishing to the electronics community. 



ARC-lite is the world's first system to offer fast, reliable, room temperature AR coatings on package and wafer level devices. ARC-lite is used as a free-standing unit for AR coating polished backside surfaces. The sample produced are optimized and require no baking.

ARC-lite reaches maximum functionality when used with the ASAP-1 Selected Area Preparation System -- The ARC-lite sample mounting plate can be conveniently transferred between ARC-lite and ASAP-1.


SP Series classic barrel reactors for isotropic etching, stripping and cleaning for various industries

Unique Specifications

  • Convenient loading and unloading of product via file cabinet chamber door
  • Optional temperature controlled shelf available
  • Many "special" material handlers and fixtures are stock items
  • Grounded shelf available for caging (down stream) apps
  • All models include 20 processes stored with multi-stepping (parameter change in different places in process)



BSET EQ Plaser™

With 15 years of plasma decap experience and 5 years of system development, we proudly present the BSET EQ Plaser

Because of new package technologies, it has become more challenging for failure analysis teams to decapsulate today’s semiconductor devices. Often, plasma is the only way to meet your decapsulation needs.